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I truly love Dubsado and run about 90% of my business through it. But I do know how overwhelming it can be, especially in the beginning when you are starting from scratch. I want to say I probably spent a good 40-50 hours over the span of a few weeks figuring out all the functions, etc and how I could make it work for my business! But it was so worth it! 

dubsado setup services for stationers

I can send custom proposals in less than 15 minutes. I can now fully onboard clients with just a few clicks. 

Let me guess -- you’ve been paying for Dubsado for a while now and just can’t find the time to get in there and set it up. Or, you have no clue where to even start to make sure Dubsado is effectively working for your business?

I hear this *A LOT*. And I totally get it, we’re all very busy business owners. 

And that’s where I like to help. I help stationer’s get their Dubsado system set up and running like a well oiled machine for them and their business. 

Still not sure you need Dubsado? Here is a free masterclass showing you how I use Dubsado.

Since implementing Dubsado 3 years ago in my own stationery business, I cut my time onboarding clients in half while doubling my bottom line. More time = more opportunities

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- 30 minute phone call to talk about how you’re using Dubsado
- Review of Dubsado + functionality from both yours and a clients standpoint
- Full report of my recommendations for changes/additions 
*No actual work is implemented with this package

Do you already have a good handle on Dubsado? But you would like another set of stationer eyes to go through it? I’m happy to help!

Dubsado Setup SERVICES - Package 1

Package 1
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No more forgotten tasks (or clients!). Today is the day to implement a CRM that is going to change your life. 

- 30 minute on boarding call to go over goals and needs
- Implementation of brand settings (brand needs to be provided)
- Create one lead capture form
- One basic workflow setup
- Setup of up to 12 packages (product items)
- Proposal form set up + payment schedule
- Format on boarding questionnaires
- Format Contract (contract will need to be provided or purchased)
- Format print release sub agreement
- Create up to 6 canned emails
- 1 hour tutorial on how to use your Dubsado



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Dubsado is changing my life! I was out of the office all last week and two leads were converted to jobs while I was GONE! I have no idea how I was functioning before. I can't thank you enough for your insight and for laying the groundwork for me to succeed. I now get excited when a new inquiry comes in, rather than dreading the hours of quoting that I used to do by hand!! Thank you for equipping me and helping me with such an integral piece that I didn't even know I was missing. My business will never be the same!!

- Cat, Beautifully Noted | Dubsado Setup Services

Thank you for equipping me with such an integral piece that I didn't even know I was missing.

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I know the struggle when it comes to juggling a life, little ones and running a business. Over the last 10 years, I have grown and streamlined my stationery business into something I am so proud of. And most importantly, something that works for me and my family and allows me to spend the time I need on what is most important.

Over the years, as our industry grew, I realized the lack of formal education we have available as stationers. I saw post after post of wonderful women struggling with various issues in their business. That is when I knew that I had the ability to change that. I truly believe that my God-given talent is helping others (and hosting, I can throw a killer party!). So, I want to use those talents and knowledge to elevate those around me. 

The Cultivated Creative was created as a home for stationery designers to gather and grow with one another. I am truly so glad you're here.

first and foremost, I am mama to these three little girls and know how important it is to make the most of my time

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I am on a mission to empower, equip and educate fellow stationery designers

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