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No more second guessing if you are accurately charging for your stationery, this course breaks it down step by step so you can confidently price yourself and start seeing profits roll in!

This course is perfect for stationery designers in any season of their business who want to make sure that they are accurately pricing their products and services to generate consistent profit.

This course will walk you through the different types of pricing structures you can use, what all goes into the makeup of a product's price (besides the actual product cost!), how to accurately mark that product up and what profit margins you should be hitting each time. And as a bonus, you'll also learn WHAT to do with that profit! 

Pricing and proposals for stationery designers

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After our session together, I reevaluated my pricing using the techniques you outlined and the last two jobs I quoted were over $3000 and I had one sign a contract yesterday. The other loved her sample and her package was near $5,000. Same product as before, I am just billing for my time and marking up more accurately and I have seen over a 35% profit margin increase! Thank you for all of your guidance regarding pricing. Cheers to an amazing year!

ashley elizabeth designs

"I have seen over a 35% profit margin increase!"

A step by step training on how to take your pricing of your products and get them set up as packages in Dubsado so you can start using them to build invoices and proposals.

Setting up Packages and Pricing in Dubsado

Learn about all of the different variables that make up your pricing, aside from just the cost of the product! Learning these items allows you to correctly start pricing your products.

What Goes into Your Pricing

Being in control of your numbers allows you to accurately set your pricing for your products and know that you will be hitting proper profit margins every time.

How to Price for Profit

Learn the differences from flat rate pricing and variable pricing, the pros and cons of each and how you can determine which one to use for your stationery business. 

Determining Your Pricing Structure

topics we will cover

Now that you're steadily rolling in an amazing profit margin, learn some of the recommendations on what exactly you should be doing with that profit to sustain a successful stationery business!

Bonus - what to do with your profit

Learn how to set up your proposals and invoices quickly and accurately with your packages that you have set up in Dubsado with your product pricing.

Building Proposals with Packages