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Step up your production game as a stationery designer today

After you've mastered the design and your clients are in love and have approved everything for production, where do you even begin? How to do you get your beautiful designs off screen, printed, assembled and packaged up beautifully and into your clients hands? 

This course will walk you through the logistics of what it means to start and finish production as a stationery designer. Everything from printing to assembly to packaging and shipping. Learn to the ins and outs of how to seamlessly wrap up each of your projects after they're approved! 

Stationery production course

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The nuances of what it takes to logistically get your packages shipped safely to your clients. 


Some go-to resources and tips and tricks for packaging your stationery for your clients so branding and style shine. 


What all is involved in assembly? Best tools to use and tips and tricks to streamline your assembly process.


Learn all you need to know about printing when it comes to your stationery designs. Outsourcing vs. in-house printing, different print methods and tips and tricks.


topics we will cover

You're ready for a step-by-step guide to show you how to take charge of your production logistics for your stationery business. 


You don't have a set process or organization in place when it comes to get your stationery packaged up and in your clients hands. 


You are struggling when it comes to figuring out how to get your designs off screen and into production. 


The stationery production course is for you if...

*By purchasing this masterclass, you are agreeing to our course terms and conditions.