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Masterclass also comes with a free template for you to test!

In this free masterclass, I will walk you through the backend of Trello and how I use it to manage my content marketing for social media and more. 

What it helps me do and how it keeps me on track with all.the.things when it comes to content marketing and social media posting as a business owner. 

See how I use the lists and calendar feature to make it easy and organized! 

free masterclass: how I use trello to plan my content as a stationer

Dubsado is changing my life! I was out of the office all last week and two leads were converted to jobs while I was GONE! I have no idea how I was functioning before. I can't thank you enough for your insight and for laying the groundwork for me to succeed. I now get excited when a new inquiry comes in, rather than dreading the hours of quoting that I used to do by hand!! Thank you for equipping me and helping me with such an integral piece that I didn't even know I was missing. My business will never be the same!!

cat, beautifully noted

I am implementing some really great things now to protect my business and provide a better and even higher level customer experience, like refining the proofing processes and mockups, and streamlining my workflow to uplevel my client experience and justify higher prices. Chatting with you during our coaching call was invaluable, plus all of your canned emails were a great resource as well! The course was very well put together and very thorough leaving no stone unturned.

ashley elizabeth designs

When I first signed into the course I was blown away by the amount of content and helpful downloads! Heather literally takes you step by step! I love how everything is broken into sections. I have been a stationery designer for 6 years now but I know learning from others is so helpful. I'm so excited to make a list of everything I want to implement into my business now. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your gift with others!!!

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FREE MASTERCLASS: HOW TO use trello to plan your content!

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